The lithotherapy Lithotherapy is in no way a substitute for modern medicine and should be considered as an alternative preventive or complementary therapy. The information given is based on the experience of users of lithotherapy and on the various reference books that deal with this alternative therapy.


Agate-Mousse Pierre

Emotional virtues of Moss Agate:

Agate Moss soothes and stabilises the mind. It allows you to refocus on things and lead a more serene life. This power of channelling will modify your perception of the relationship with others by giving meaning to your love life and your sentimental relationships.


Physical properties of Moss Agate:

The virtues on the body are multiple. This stone would have several virtues on the vital organs. Moss agate is said to relieve people with respiratory problems, digestive problems and kidney problems. It is also said that this stone relieves the pains related to the childbirth when it is carried around the neck.

Agate-Mousse Pierre


Agate-Mousse Pierre

Emotional properties of Chrysocolla :

Chrysocolla is the stone of communication as it favours speaking and exchange. It helps to find the financial and intellectual resources for your projects.


Physical properties of Chrysocolla :

Sa force est de lutter contre les troubles ORL tels que les angines ou la bronchite. Par son fort pouvoir anti-inflammatoire elle peut aussi soulager l’arthrose et les rhumatismes.

Chrysocolle pierre


Agate-Mousse Pierre

Vertus émotionnelles du Corail :

Coral is considered the ideal stone to accompany children. It protects them throughout their young life. Coral allows a good circulation of vital energy and favours a serene evolution of the child who wears it.


Physical properties of coral :

On a physical level, coral is aimed at the elderly. Whether red or white, coral strengthens the bones, the spine and the teeth. Its powers on the bone and enamel make this stone an undeniable asset in the fight against age-related degeneration.




Emotional virtues of Hematite:

Hematite is the stone of introspection, it allows everyone to listen to their inner self and learns patience. This ability to listen is reflected in the eyes of all by a gain in courage and self-confidence that pushes one to surpass oneself. Hematite also helps to fight against all types of addiction, notably by increasing self-confidence.


Physical properties of Hematite :

This stone is often associated with blood. Indeed, rich in iron, it helps to fight against all blood diseases (anaemia, haemophilia, leukaemia, lymphoma, etc.). In lithotherapy it is also used to fight against painful periods by regulating the flow of menstruation.




Emotional virtues of Howlite:

Howlite is synonymous with well-being. It is a stone that calms the mind, and could be used to help you fall asleep. Some people even place it under their pillow to get all its benefits and fight against insomnia. Howlite also has a psychological effect. It attenuates hypersensitivity and fights against depression, moreover it would even favour discernment and fight against shyness by reinforcing the character.


Physical properties of Howlite :

It is a stone particularly appreciated in lithotherapy since it favours the strengthening of bones and teeth, but also a good digestion. It also influences the exchange of liquids in the body for a better assimilation of nutrients and therefore a feeling of satiety, the ideal natural appetite suppressant for diets.




Emotional virtues of Jade:

Jade brings prosperity to its wearer, while promoting compassion and exchange. These virtues are symbolised by an acceptance and tolerance of others and an altruistic and honest judgement of life situations.


Physical properties of Jade:

In lithotherapy, Jade has multiple applications on the body. It treats the kidneys by helping to eliminate kidney stones. Jade stone helps to reduce body temperature and therefore headaches. In case of intense migraine, you can put it directly on your forehead to feel its benefits.



Jaspe Dalmatien pierre LITHOTHERAPIE

Emotional properties of Dalmatian Jasper:

Dalmatian Jasper is, in lithotherapy, the stone of serenity; it keeps away negative energies while attracting happiness. Dalmatian Jasper can help you to get back on track after a difficult period and to start a new life cycle. You may even discover that you are an artist, as this stone has a strong impact on artistic fibre and sensitivity.


Physical properties of Dalmatian Jasper:

The strength of Dalmatian Jasper is to improve blood circulation. This virtue implies others like the elimination of toxins, a reduction of the feeling of heavy legs and finally a reinforcement of the endurance.

Jaspe Dalmatien pierre LITHOTHERAPIE


Jaspe rouge pierre LITHOTHERAPIE

Emotional properties of Red Jasper: 

Red Jasper plays on the balance of energies in the body and in the mind. When worn, this stone helps to have confidence in life, to love life and to live without fear or dread. It is this feeling of security that makes Red Jasper a highly valued mineral in lithotherapy.


Physical properties of Red Jasper:

In lithotherapy, Red Jasper is known for its impact on the sexual organs. It could give rise to more sexual desire and more pleasure during intimate relations.

Jaspe rouge pierre LITHOTHERAPIE


Jaspe sang de dragon pierre LITHOTHERAPIE

Emotional properties of Dragon's Blood Jasper:

The Dragon Stone is the stone of self-revelation. It helps us to see ourselves and expose ourselves as we are. It is a stone reputed to help us develop patience and to facilitate rest. It is also said to have the power to ease grief and relieve sadness and resentment.


Physical properties of Dragon's Blood Jasper:

Dragon's blood jasper stimulates the blood circulation, favouring a good irrigation of the organs. This stone also has virtues on the sleep, by supporting the falling asleep and a calm night.

Jaspe sang de dragon pierre LITHOTHERAPIE


Lapis lazuli pierre LITHOTHERAPIE

Emotional properties of Lapis Lazuli :

Lapis Lazuli is the stone of creativity. In lithotherapy, it contributes to the evolution and elevation of the spirit in order to reconnect it to the world around it and make it more creative. The strong energy it contains makes it a very popular stone for psychics to sharpen their perceptions.


Physical properties of Lapis Lazuli :

Lapis Lazuli is a very interesting stone in litotherapy as it reduces certain symptoms in people suffering from allergies. It reduces dandruff and skin problems.

Lapis lazuli pierre LITHOTHERAPIE


Oeil de tigre pierre LITHOTHERAPIE

Emotional virtues of Tiger's Eye:

This stone allows you to get away from bad influences and to discover your true self by sending back the negative energies that are sent to you voluntarily or not. Wearing this stone is like wearing a shield against the evil eye and bad thoughts.


Physical properties of Tiger's Eye: 

Tiger's Eye releases an energy that helps to relieve joint pain due to age, but also to illness.  It also acts on the stomach during gastric acidity; it helps to digest better, to fight against diarrhoea or colic which are of emotional origin and not viral. In addition, it contributes to a good relaxation of the diaphragm, facilitating breathing and thus reducing asthma attacks.

Oeil de tigre pierre LITHOTHERAPIE



Emotional properties of Quartz

Wearing Quartz gives you the possibility to be more objective and to make well-considered decisions even in stressful situations: Quartz to boost your memory, concentration and creativity.


Physical properties of Quartz:

The virtues of Quartz on the human body are numerous: it strengthens the body, calms back pain, improves the digestive system, calms the nerves and strengthens the nervous system.



Sodalite pierre LITHOTHERAPIE

Emotional virtues of Sodalite:

Sodalite is the best friend of restless minds. It calms them and allows them to develop their extra-sensory abilities of clairvoyance and vision.


Physical virtues of Sodalite:

In particular, it acts on hypertension thanks to its blood pressure regulating properties; but not only that: it is said to have a beneficial impact on the eyes and to reduce screen-related eye strain.

Sodalite pierre LITHOTHERAPIE


Turquoise pierre LITHOTHERAPIE

Emotional virtues of Turquoise :

Turquoise is very popular in litotherapy because it absorbs bad energy and negative thoughts. When worn, it acts as a shield against the hard knocks of life. Moreover, it influences the temperament to make you more serene and positive.


Physical virtues of Turquoise:

Turquoise stimulates the immune system and strengthens the natural defences by promoting good vascularisation. It regulates the body's liquids and mucous membranes to relieve and cleanse it.

Turquoise pierre LITHOTHERAPIE



The emotional virtues of Unakite :

Unakite allows you to come face to face with yourself. It allows you to fight the demons of the past and plays an important role in the elimination of buried negative memories. Unakite acts on the mental level and allows you to learn to put all situations into perspective, no matter how serious they are.


The physical virtues of Unakite :

Unakite has a strong impact on intestinal functions. It regulates and relieves digestion problems.